What Customers Say

Wiggins 12-pallet trucks are simple, easy to work on, and dependable. They have good visibility and are the preferred truck by the drivers.

Mike McCauley

Nunes Cooling, Salinas, California

The quality, not only of the product, but of the service, is what separates Wiggins from the rest. We love our new Marina Bull and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Wiggins again! Frank Carlos Londono

Todomar C.H.L Marina, Cartegena, Columbia

No one can make it like Wiggins. Seriously! Santos Melgoza

Santos Truck and Tractor Repair, Oxnard, California

The Largest Marina Forklift in the World

The Challenge Our engineers and production people love a challenge. So when Westrec called and asked if we would build two Marina Bulls for their new Haulover Marina Center in Miami Beach, they jumped at the opportunity. Of course, we build a lot of Marina Bulls—each... read more

We customize all our products for your unique application. Lift capacity, turning radius, negative lift height, and many other features are all determined by your unique environment and needs.