Wiggins Marina LoPro—High Capacity with Confidence and Strength

Jun 19, 2017 | Marina

The Marina Bull LOPRO™ can save you money with reduced operating costs. Innovative features keep your marina running smoothly and efficiently. For example:

Lifting capacity and stability are the two most important characteristics of a marina truck. Wiggins specializes in long load center forklifts. Our units can safely and reliably lift longer and heavier boats than our competition because we design our lifting systems to handle the forces, stresses, and leverage needed for boats with long load centers.  The counterweight and chassis designs have higher stability factors and stronger masts and forks.  A Wiggins weighs more because it does more, safely, year after year.

Our Marina Bull LoPRO has the lowest center of gravity and the heaviest counterweights in the industry, ensuring that you can lift the rated boats at each rack height with the highest confidence.  Wiggins Marina Bull means capacity, strength, safety, and durability.

That’s just two of the many reasons why Wiggins is the world leader in the dry storage boat handling equipment industry. From the W1.0 model (8,000 lbs @ 120″ load center) to the W10.6 model (44,000 lbs @ 240″ load center), Wiggins can custom design what you need for your marina.We design and manufacture each truck to meet the customer’s unique environment and needs. Our goal is to make you better at what you do. This approach makes each Yard Bull particularly suited to the job it will perform, which means better performance and durability.

Wiggins builds machines to order, meaning you get what you need for your application, not some generalized lift that may or may not meet your needs.


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