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General: 1-805-485-7821

Sales: 800-350-7821

Fax: 805-485-5230

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Parts Fax: 805-574-7763

E-Mail: wigginslift@wigginslift.com

World-wide Service & Parts Network

Wiggins lift trucks are designed with quick and easy servicing in mind. The attention to simplicity and accessibility of items like mast bearings that require periodic lubrication and replacement are evidence of our commitment to using only the most serviceable and well known components. This assures dependability and parts availability. Wiggins is dedicated to making service availability the finest in the industry. Click here to find the service center near you.

We also have a full-service parts department that is committed to keeping your trucks well maintained. Our knowledgeable and responsive sales force is dedicated to making your experience quick and effortless. Our highest priority is to get you the parts you need when you need them. Call us at (805) 485-7821.

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