HAVE IT YOUR WAY: Wiggins Marina Bull for options AND support.

HAVE IT YOUR WAY: Wiggins Marina Bull for options AND support.

Before 1974, fast food restaurants were food assembly lines: you got what was on the menu and didn’t ask for options because they weren’t available.

Then Burger King released a campaign saying that at their place, you could “have it your way.” The jingle became famous:

“Hold the pickles,

hold the lettuce,

special orders don’t upset us,

all we ask is that you let us serve it your way.”

It was a customer-oriented: offer a standard menu of options that satisfied most people, but allow a customer to make special requests. Today, most fast-food places allow options on their standard items.

That’s not true in the marine forklift industry. Most lifts are assembly-line products. You buy only what they offer, with relatively few options. If you have an unusual request, forget it.

But Wiggins is customer-oriented and always has been. Our mottos are “Built for the owner, designed for the operator” and “Tell us what you want; we’ll build it.”

For a marina lift, “one size” does not “fit all.” Every marina is different. Different building constraints, a different collection of boats, and different needs.

All Wiggins Marina Bulls come with standard components, of course, such as a Kessler drive axle, a Cummins engine, and a Dana transmission. These standard components are durable and high-quality, just like the Marina Bulls we put them in.

Engines and Transmissions

  • Cummins 110HP, 121HP, 154HP, 160HP, 190HP, 220HP, 250HP
  • Cummins 121HP, 173HP, 220HP Tier 4
  • Ford V10 LPG
  • Volvo 140Hp, 174HP, 215HP D5, 215HP D8 Tier 4
  • Dana Clark 20000, 32000 transmission
  • Funk DF250 transmission

So many options—with security for parts and service.

But if your marina has a different preference, we’ll customize it. No matter how unique the request—as long as it’s safe and effective, we’ll make it your way. That’s why we are the leader in the marine forklift industry, with more satisfied customers than any other manufacturer. We put our customers’ needs first.

We can customize nearly every aspect of our Marina Bull to fit your marina’s wants and needs. That includes what you would expect, such as height, engine, and tires, but also things like hydraulic control configuration or even step design.

Concerned about getting parts and service for customizations? No problem. We have been servicing and supporting our custom machines for almost 70 years. Before we allow any part to be put on a Marina Bull, we make sure it meets our rigorous performance and safety standards, and that we can support that part in an exceptional manner. If a component fails either of those tests, we’ll work with you to find a suitable option, because we don’t put substandard parts on Wiggins lifts. In additions, we have parts and service centers all over the USA, including support through Taylor SSI.

Do you want an AxleTech or a John Deere axle? A Ford LPG or Volvo Penta Tier 4 engine? Something else? We’ll do it, as long as it meets the high level of performance the Marina Bull is famous for.

Don’t settle for a one-size-fits-all, assembly-line approach. With Wiggins, you’ll not only get a high-performance, durable, and custom machine—you’ll receive the highest quality service and parts support, too. No other manufacturer offers customization, quality components, and support like Wiggins.

Drive Axles

  • Kessler D81
  • John Deere 1200, 1400, 1600
  • AxleTech PRC1756, PRC1794, PRC3806, and PRC 7534.

Tell us what you want, we’ll build it.


  • Pneumatic
  • Black solid
  • Non-mark solid
  • Lug or smooth

Have it your way—with confidence.

Wiggins Marina LoPro—High Capacity with Confidence and Strength

Wiggins Marina LoPro—High Capacity with Confidence and Strength

The Marina Bull LOPRO™ can save you money with reduced operating costs. Innovative features keep your marina running smoothly and efficiently. For example:

Lifting capacity and stability are the two most important characteristics of a marina truck. Wiggins specializes in long load center forklifts. Our units can safely and reliably lift longer and heavier boats than our competition because we design our lifting systems to handle the forces, stresses, and leverage needed for boats with long load centers.  The counterweight and chassis designs have higher stability factors and stronger masts and forks.  A Wiggins weighs more because it does more, safely, year after year.

Our Marina Bull LoPRO has the lowest center of gravity and the heaviest counterweights in the industry, ensuring that you can lift the rated boats at each rack height with the highest confidence.  Wiggins Marina Bull means capacity, strength, safety, and durability.

That’s just two of the many reasons why Wiggins is the world leader in the dry storage boat handling equipment industry. From the W1.0 model (8,000 lbs @ 120″ load center) to the W10.6 model (44,000 lbs @ 240″ load center), Wiggins can custom design what you need for your marina.We design and manufacture each truck to meet the customer’s unique environment and needs. Our goal is to make you better at what you do. This approach makes each Yard Bull particularly suited to the job it will perform, which means better performance and durability.

Wiggins builds machines to order, meaning you get what you need for your application, not some generalized lift that may or may not meet your needs.

Here’s what happens when a new Marina Bull arrives…

Here’s what happens when a new Marina Bull arrives…

Here’s what happens when a new Marina Bull arrives…

Have you ever wondered what happens once a new Wiggins Marina Bull arrives at a marina? Our good friends at The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf in the UK have created a great time-lapse video (complete with a soundtrack!).

After we finish constructing any Wiggins lift, it is put through a series of tests. We then remove the forks, carriage, mast, and operator guards for delivery on a flatbed truck (or two, depending on the size of the lift). For shipments outside the American/Canadian Continent (like the UK) the lift is loaded onto a ship (and then trucked).

Once the lift arrived at Trafalgar, our master mechanic, Art, traveled there from our facility. The lift is re-assembled on site and all systems are reconnected and tested.

Watch the video below to see the process from arrival to completion. (Thanks, Tom Harding and Trafalgar, for documenting it!)

We’re Celebrating Haulover Marina’s Grand Opening!

We’re Celebrating Haulover Marina’s Grand Opening!

We’re Celebrating Haulover Marina’s Grand Opening!

We are proud to celebrate with our friends at the new Haulover Marine Center in North Miami, Florida! They held their official Grand Opening last week, and Wiggins was there, too!

Located in 180-acre Haulover Park, in North Miami Beach, Florida. This property is on the Intracoastal Waterway at Bakers-Haulover Inlet, nestled between Sunny Isles and Bal Harbor, across the street from Haulover Beach. It is the closest marina to the inlet.

The new marine center was built to withstand a Category 5 hurricane, and designed to hold popular multi-outboard engine boats. It holds 508 boats, up to 50′ long, in a five-rack high structure.

It is the home of the largest marine forklifts ever built—by Wiggins, of course!—specially designed for Haulover.

Visit Haulover Marine Center’s website, or view their social media accounts:

Wiggins Lift at the Miami International Boat Show

Wiggins Lift at the Miami International Boat Show

Wiggins Lift at the Miami International Boat Show!

We had a wonderful time at the 2017 Miami International Boat Show—saw a lot of customers and met some news ones! Thanks to everyone who came by—our booth was pretty crowded at times.

Thank you for also celebrating with us—we have been manufacturing the Marine Bull for forty years! Our experience and knowledge is unmatched, and it is what makes the Marina Bull the best lift in the industry. Quality, experience, and money savings over the life of the machine. That’s our dedication to our customers and friends.

Finally, to our partners, dealers, and friends at Taylor, Taylor SSI, XL Lifts: Al, Ozzie, Bryant, Alberto, Mike, and so many others. You’re the best!

Technology, Safety, and Bigger Boats

Technology, Safety, and Bigger Boats

Technology, Safety, and Bigger Boats

The Wiggins Marina FLX is a perfect example of the wedding of technology to meet safety and size requirements in this new age of Marina industry. Bigger boats require more safety measures. Wiggins Lift leads the industry in innovative approaches to address these needs.

A recent article in Marina Dock Age explores these issues and includes quotes from Wiggins Lift’s Mike Wiggins and Bruce Farber, and XL-Lift’s Mike Marzahl.

Today’s world is full of technology, and consumers expect more more more from their products and equipment. Marine forklifts are no different, and manufacturers are responding with new and better offerings.

The article addresses the need to lift bigger and wider boats, the industry desire for “greener” lifts, need for long-term maintenance, and other trends in the industry.

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