Wiggins Lift at the Breakbulk Americas Show in Houston

Wiggins Lift at the Breakbulk Americas Show in Houston

Wiggins Lift at the Breakbulk Americas Show in Houston

Breakbulk Americas Show 2017 was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, Texas, on October 17-19. Breakbulk Americas is the largest exhibition of its kind in the Americas, bringing top-tier shippers together with breakbulk and project cargo service providers.

Exhibitors and sponsors include specialized ocean carriers, freight forwarders, ports/ terminals, logistics providers, road, rail, barge and air transportation, export packers, equipment companies and more. Hear from industry experts during the conference sessions, which are held on the exhibition floor.

Wiggins Lift shared a booth with MYMIC Technologies and XL Lifts, where our displayed showed one of the two 60k @ 48″ LC trucks delivered in 2016 to SSA Port of Stockton. These lifts had a custom rebar attachment for handling 40′ and 60′ pieces of rebar. SSA liked these trucks so much, they placed an order for two 33K @ 24″ LC forklifts.

As seen on the display above, what sets Wiggins apart from others is custom design: we can make anything you need with any attachment. Our trucks are high quality,  last longer than our competitors, and we provide short lead times (we 3-4 months, not the 8-10 months of our competitors).

Marina Bulls—longevity in action at Bass River Marina

How long should a marina lift last? They work in pretty tough environments: from freezing to hot temperatures, in fresh and salt water, lifting and moving heavy and uneven loads, and just the general wear and tear of heavy machinery.

Wiggins lifts are known for their durability and longevity in the field, even in the toughest environments. How about Cape Cod? Cold winters, sea water—a harsh environment for a marina lift. Our friends at Bass River Marina know this all too well—and that’s why they have been using the same Wiggins Marina Bull since 1992!

Here are two pictures from Bass River Marina—a model is 12.5K Marina Bull (a W1.6 in our current rating system). Check out that old-style logo on the back!

Bass River tells us that this Marina Bull still works every day throughout the boating season in Dennis, Massachusetts. Going strong since 1992—that’s almost longer than anyone else has been making marina forklifts!

This is another reason why Wiggins is the world leader in the dry storage boat handling equipment industry. Wiggins can custom design what you need for your marina. We design and manufacture our trucks to meet each customer’s unique environment and needs. This makes each Marina Bull particularly suited to the job it will perform, which means better performance and—as Bass River Marina knows—impressive durability.

Wiggins builds machines to order, meaning you get what you need for your application, not some generalized lift that may or may not meet your needs. If you’re in need of a marina forklift, give us a call, and we’ll show you exactly what we mean.

Wiggins Yard Bulls work harder and live longer

Wiggins Yard Bulls work harder and live longer

Wiggins Yard Bulls work harder and live longer

Wiggins machines are known for their longevity and durability. To us, “longevity” means fifteen or twenty years, not the four to eight of other manufacturers. There are Wiggins lifts still working in the field after 30 years!

We achieve this standard by starting with quality raw materials and the best components. In the most crucial areas of performance and safety, we overbuild. Our carriages, forks, masts, and axles are the most rugged in the industry. The use of anti-corrosion materials adds to the durability. Our IQAN™ System hydraulic pressures test panel allows monitoring of truck performance and status, allowing the operators and mechanics to stay informed in real time.

We don’t stop there. Our auto-lube system minimizes downtime by automatically lubricating key components—mast and carriage bearings, tilt cylinder, mast pins, and steer axles to ensure smooth operation and to save money. The optional oil purification system reduces costly and time-consuming oil changes. With proper maintenance, the Yard Bull LoPR0 with optional Super Filtration can operate as long as one year without having to change the lubricating oils. This feature alone has proven to extend component life by thousands of hours.

An investment in a Wiggins Yard Bull is an investment for the long haul.

Safety through innovative engineering & technology

Safety through innovative engineering & technology

Safety through innovative engineering & technology

Safety is a critical characteristic of any high capacity machine. Mishaps cost money, time, and, worst of all, can cause injury or even death. That’s why Wiggins forklifts have standard safety features and options that save money.  With the lowest counter-weight in the industry, rear visibility is dramatically improved, which increases customer and employee safety while protecting property from damage.

But we don’t stop there. We use the latest cameras, sensors, and technology. Our Vision Plus™ safety system can differentiate people from objects and track them, warning the operator of possible safety hazards. The IQAN™ System with its adjustable monitor keeps the operator informed about engine performance and status.  Ask about our optional certified Rollover Protection System, which complies with international safety standards.

Visibility, sensors, cameras, engineered monitoring systems, and overload warning systems help ensure that Wiggins Yard Bulls meets the highest possible safety standards.

Wiggins Yard Bull—High capacity with strength and confidence

Wiggins Yard Bull—High capacity with strength and confidence

Wiggins Yard Trucks—High capacity with strength and confidence

Wiggins has been engineering and manufacturing yard trucks for almost fifty years. We know a thing or two. And because we work with each customer to manufacture the machinethey need, our lifts outperform the competition in performance, durability, and safety.

Lifting capacity and stability are two of the most important characteristics of a yard truck. Wiggins specializes in high capacity forklifts, and our units can safely and reliably lift more than any competitor’s lift when compared model to model. For example, to match the lift capacity of our Yard Bull 550 model at a 48″ load center, you would have to buy a 600 or 620 model from one of our competitors. Our customers save money on maintenance and repairs by buying the right model for the right job. You don’t need to overbuy with a Wiggins Yard Bull.

Our Yard Truck LoPRO has the lowest center of gravity and the heaviest counterweights in the industry, ensuring that you can lift the heaviest loads with confidence, typically lifting the full rated load to the top.

Wiggins Yard Bull means capacity, strength, safety, and durability.

Wiggins’ Engineers Win Award for FLX

Wiggins’ Engineers Win Award for FLX

Engineering awardThe American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Channel Islands, has presented an award to the engineers at Wiggins Lift Co., Inc. The Project of the year Award was presented to Bruce Farber, P.E. (Technical Director) and Joseph Beck, P.E. (Senior Engineer), and Chase Menen (Mechanical Engineer) on February 25, 2016, during the National Engineers Week for Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

1 031The award is for the Wiggins Marina FLX, a revolutionary boat-handling forklift which allows the marina owner to lift larger boats, maneuver them in tighter conditions, and store more in a small footprint. With computer-controlled independent 4-wheel steering, traversing mast, and a rotating operator console, the FLX is the most innovative and technologically advanced marina lift in its class.

View the ASME page about the FLX >

More about the FLX >

We are proud of our engineering team! Thanks, guys!


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