Join us at the Miami International Boat Show!

Join us at the Miami International Boat Show!

Join us this week at the Miami International Boat Show! 

Thursday to Monday, Feb 15-19, 2018
Miami Marina Stadium Park and Basin

Stop by Booth E416 and say hello. We’ll have reps from Sales, Engineering, Production on hand, as well as CEO Michele McDowell and President Mike Wiggins. Our Taylor SSI reps are also there, sharing the booth with us.

Don’t forget to join us for a cocktail reception at CG Marina, too! Saturday night, 6-9pm.


Come see Keystone Point Marina’s new Wiggins Marina Bull—a work of art!

Come see Keystone Point Marina’s new Wiggins Marina Bull—a work of art!

Trish Hamilton, owner of North Miami’s Keystone Point Marina, reports that the marina is “…taking delivery of a brand new, beautiful Wiggins forklift on the opening day of the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show. Many marinas paint their forklift equipment to blend with the property colors—we’ve decided to take it a step further with custom-designed artwork by marine industry artist Hugo Cardonne.

Hamilton explained, “Since FLIBS draws such an international crowd we thought it would be the perfect venue to present a trendy, fun design for a piece of equipment that is an industry mainstay. It’s not just a forklift—it’s a moving work of art!

The new Marina Bull™ forklift will be showcased at the Wiggins Lift Company booth all week. On Thursday, November 2 at 5:30 p.m. there will be an official unveiling, with a naming ceremony and cocktail reception at the FLIBS, Worldwide Forklift booth number 1030. ALL PRESS AND MARINE INDUSTRY PROFESSIONALS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND.

“The folks at Wiggins make the planning and purchasing of a new marine forklift really easy,” added Hamilton. “The engineers at Wiggins Lift Company have designed a powerful piece of equipment that fits our customers’ boat types, with some room to grow our larger boat-owner customer base. This is the sixth forklift we have purchased from Wiggins, and we want to have some fun with the process of taking delivery.”

Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey…

Those Affected by Hurricane Harvey…

All of us at Wiggins Lift send our thoughts and prayers to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. We have many friends and customers who are dealing with its aftermath. So many are in need of resources and manpower, and will continue to be in need for a long time.

Beware of scams (there are many) that prey on good-hearted people. Always research aid organizations who accept funds and goods. Or simply stay with the tried-and-true. Here are a few we like:

In today’s culture, there are many forces that seek to divide us over political and social topics. But Texans have shown us that we are all one big family when it comes to what matters—food, shelter, safety, family, friends, community, and faith.

CEO Michele McDowell in American Journal of Transportation

CEO Michele McDowell in American Journal of Transportation

Wiggins Lift and CEO Michele McDowell in the American Journal of Transportation

Wiggins Lift Co., Inc. and Michele Wiggins-McDowell was recently featured in an article in the American Journal of Transportation. The article highlights Wiggins’ use of the latest technology for safety, durability, efficiently, environment-friendliness, and strength. Noting that Michele may be the first female CEO of a forklift design and manufacturing company, the article continues:


As the third-generation Wiggins to become the chief executive officer of the leading manufacturer of marina forklifts in the world, Michele will tell you that her blood lines may have provided the connection, but her qualifications for the job are a result of learning the forklift business from the bottom up.  She began working at the Wiggins factory in Oxnard, California at age fourteen.

Michele is the daughter of second generation Wiggins CEO Mike Wiggins, and granddaughter of company’s founder Mel Wiggins. She began her career running parts, working as head janitor, office assistant and lead go-for. After a four-year separation to attend college at Abilene Christian University, Michele returned to the factory as director of purchasing and then chief financial officer before taking the helm after father Mike Wiggins stepped down. Mike still works and has assumed the title of president of the company.

Wiggins is the world’s leading manufacturer of marina forklifts, shipping product throughout the globe. They have designed the world’s largest marina trucks, used to lift yachts from the water, transport them back to boat storage facilities and insert them into their multi-level slots. Wiggins has also produced forklifts for the agricultural fields of California, for the U.S. military, for nuclear power plants and specialty lift trucks for the marine terminal industry…

To read the full article, visit AJOT.

World Cargo News: Wiggins Chooses Volvo Penta

World Cargo News: Wiggins Chooses Volvo Penta

As we announced on our blog last year, we have adopted the Volvo Penta for Tier 4 Final-compliant machines. Our first unit was a Yard Bull for the Port Hueneme, California docks; the second was a Marina Bull at Bolton Landing marina in the Finger Lakes in New York state. Many more have followed since.

World Cargo News published an article on the adoption, with detailed background on the Penta engines, as well as some further information on Wiggins Lift’s success last year in the marina market and our ground-breaking Marina FLX.

Wiggins’ Bruce Farber Selected as ASME Engineer of the Year

Wiggins’ Bruce Farber Selected as ASME Engineer of the Year

Wiggins’ Bruce Farber Selected as
ASME Engineer of the Year

Wiggins Lift Co., Inc. was honored last year by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Channel Islands (ASME) for our innovative Marina FLX. This year, our own Bruce Farber has been named the ASME Engineer of the Year.

Bruce has been a vital part of the Wiggins’ team for almost twenty years as Technical Director at Wiggins Lift. He was recently promoted to Director of Business Development and Special Projects, making use of his expertise, experience, and intimate knowledge of Wiggins’ products to help customers make the best choice.


From the ASME release:

Bruce Farber stands out as not just as the ASME Mechanical Engineer of this Year, but his technical and professional achievements over the arc of his career span many areas of Mechanical Engineering. Bruce is a local product, having earned both his BS and MS Mechanical Engineering degrees from UCSB in 1979 and 1980, respectively. As an undergrad, he earned Highest Honors, Magna Cum Laude, and also resurrected the dormant ASME Student Chapter at UCSB. Over the 36 years of his professional career, Bruce has served as a member and officer of both ASME Channel Islands and California Society of Professional Engineers.Over 36 years, Bruce has demonstrated his technical skills and leadership, from Lab Assistant to Engineering Director, from the Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory in Port Hueneme to Oceaneering Technologies to the present day at Wiggins Lift Company in Oxnard. Along the way, he has earned 9 patents –for the US Navy for seawater hydraulic diver tools, tennis racquet improvements to prevent tennis elbow, an exercise chair for paraplegics, and forklift safety technology. He analyzed and helped install the JAWS sharks in Florida and the first plastic wastewater outfall in California.

Key points of EOY’s career of accomplishments that merit recognition as EOY:

  1. Credentials include BS in Mechanical Engineering (1979) and MS in Mechanical Engineering (1980), both from UCSB; California Professional Engineer license in Mechanical Engineering.
  2. Progressive professional growth and technical achievement throughout his career, from Lab Technician to Engineering Director. Companies include Naval Civil Engineering Laboratory, Oceaneering Technologies, Allison Fitness, Hi-Temp Insulation, Proactive Technologies and Wiggins Lift Company. Recently he has taken a new position at Wiggins Lift as Director of Business Development and Special projects which allow him to combine his technical background with sales acumen.
  3. Holds 9 patents. 5 patents for the US Navy covers a seawater hydraulic tool system for divers, 2 patents cover improvements for tennis racquets to prevent tennis elbow. 1 patent for an exercise chair for paraplegics. 1 patent in forklift technology for enhanced stability control.
  4. Active member of ASME for 39 continuous years, from 1978 as undergraduate student at UCSB who helped re-establish the ASME UCSB Student Chapter to the present as member of ASME Channel Islands Section where he has held various leadership positions (including Chair) over the years. Also a member and officer of California Society of Professional Engineers where he also served as officer several times.

Congratulations to Bruce and our gratitude for his excellent work over the years! We are proud that you are part of the Wiggins’ team!

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