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Custom Engineering Services

Because we have a state-of-the-art fabrication and manufacturing facility and a team of creative engineers we are ready to team up with you. Our goal is to make you better at whatever you do.


Trash Cylinders

Residential trash trucks deal with a pretty dirty environment. Wiggins was asked to design and manufacture a cylinder that could not only perform well, but weigh less than previous solutions. A lighter truck means a more trash can be transported at once, saving time and money. The addition of a rod scraper consistently removes debris from the cylinder, protecting the seals and increasing reliability.

Drill Rig Modifications and Load Stands

Drilling rigs are fraught with complex regulations and requirements. Wiggins designed and manufactured a self-erecting stand with a BOP (Blow-Out Preventer) to keep the drillers safe as they work above the well head. Because it was self-erecting, it removed the need and expense of a standard crane installation. Tested to 150 tons, the need for safety and precision was paramount. Wiggins delivered.

Stationary Mast and Lift Cylinders

Because Wiggins designs and manufactures its own lift cylinders, we can provide solutions for stationary lift applications. For example, the need to lift a heavy-duty entertainment lighting and laser array from an underground position to 70 feet above ground. The cylinders had to sustain high cycles and have a long life. Another example of Wiggins’ ability to engineer solutions to unique situations.

AECL Nuclear Waste Transporter

Atomic Energy Canada required a 50-ton transporter for nuclear waste materials.  Wiggins delivered by engineering and manufacturing a special machine that met or exceeded the stringent safety requirements. It boasts reliability in cold weather application and automatic verticality for mast operations.

OPG Concept Vehicle

The Ontario Power Group was looking for a concept design of a Nuclear Waste Transporter capable of carrying 160,000 pound concrete and steel containers. The vehicle designed by Wiggins had to utilize hybrid technology, maintain a small footprint, and provide exceptional maneuverability. Our creative engineering team thrives within these kinds of challenges.


Working with our client we designed the harvester to be self-contained and easy to set up, disassemble, and transport. It is fourteen beds wide to harvest faster, cleaner, and safer than other options on the market. It also decreases physical demands on the workers, thereby expanding the labor pool and decreasing danger of injury. It is diesel powered with wide tracks and low ground pressure, allowing it to work in all weather and in all seasons without tearing up the field. These characteristics also prevent it from getting stuck or leaving large ruts in the field.

What Customers Say

Wiggins 12-pallet trucks are simple, easy to work on, and dependable. They have good visibility and are the preferred truck by the drivers.

Mike McCauley

Nunes Cooling, Salinas, California

The quality, not only of the product, but of the service, is what separates Wiggins from the rest. We love our new Marina Bull and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Wiggins again!

Frank Carlos Londono

Todomar C.H.L Marina, Cartegena, Columbia

No one can make it like Wiggins. Seriously!

Santos Melgoza

Santos Truck and Tractor Repair, Oxnard, California

We customize all our products for your unique application. Lift capacity, turning radius, negative lift height, and many other features are all determined by your unique environment and needs

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