Military Equipment

Military Equipment

For decades Wiggins has worked with branches of the military and a variety of state organizations. We have a proven record for completing complex projects on time, on budget, and of the highest quality.


Tunnel Truck
(US Army)

How do you carry a 12-foot tall panel down a tunnel only 8 feet tall and then set it upright in a large gallery? By providing a 90-degree tilt back, 90-degree rotation, and put the operator where he is out of the way but can see everything.

Littoral Combat Ship
(US Navy)

A fast, stealthy ship that can operate in heavy seas needs a forklift to safely handle mission packages below decks. The Wiggins LCS does just that with 3 computers, a dozen sensors, safety control programming, and locking stability steer axle. The operator can get the job done safely and quickly even while the deck is pitching and rolling. UL rated and U.S. Navy-approved, with shock-load analysis and certified for use in heat, cold, rain, salt, and fog.

Boat Handler
(Singapore Navy)

For the Singapore Navy, Wiggins designed and manufactured this marina lift with custom forks designed to lift navy boats from trailers. It also sports a custom lift height and fail-safe components. After three days of performance testing specifically required by the navy, this lift passed with flying colors.

Boat Handler
(NY Fire Department)

Fire boats, rescue boats, and EMT boats—where do you find room to store them ready for quick use in an emergency? Rack ‘em and stack ‘em. The Fire Department in New York Harbor has a big job to do, and Wiggins provided a big forklift to help them do it, rated at full capacity to the top.

What Customers Say

Wiggins 12-pallet trucks are simple, easy to work on, and dependable. They have good visibility and are the preferred truck by the drivers.

Mike McCauley

Nunes Cooling, Salinas, California

The quality, not only of the product, but of the service, is what separates Wiggins from the rest. We love our new Marina Bull and wouldn’t hesitate to buy from Wiggins again!

Frank Carlos Londono

Todomar C.H.L Marina, Cartegena, Columbia

No one can make it like Wiggins. Seriously!

Santos Melgoza

Santos Truck and Tractor Repair, Oxnard, California

We customize all our products for your unique application. Lift capacity, turning radius, negative lift height, and many other features are all determined by your unique environment and needs

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