Tire Manipulator

Leading the industry and handling the biggest tires, the Wiggins Tire Manipulator provides precision control to install and rotate massive tires. Models ranging from 5,000 pounds (2,270 Kg) to 36,000 pound (16,330 Kg) payloads. Models are specifically designed for the demands of long load centers associated with large tires.

Tight Spaces: The sharp steer angles and short wheelbase means a small turning radius. This allows for service inside buildings and in crowded yards.

Handles Any Load: Quickly switch between tire manipulator and fork truck. This allows maximum use of the machine with minimal down time.

World’s Largest Tire: The Wiggins W360-TH easily handles the largest tires in the world, which stand nearly 14-feet tall.

Video Monitoring: Video monitoring options are available to keep people and equipment safe. Cameras can even be mounted on the arms of the tire hand and chassis. Easily keep sight of the loads and where you are heading.

Foreign Language Decals and Manual: Keep everyone safe and informed with decals and manuals in your language of choice.

LoPro Design: Now available in the new LoPro design with improved serviceability, visibility, cab access, and operator comfort.

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