With every truck built to each costumer’s specifications, Wiggins allows unmatched customization. Our motto is: “Tell us what you want, and we’ll built it.”


Tier 3 Diesel

Cummins Tier 3 diesel engine in horsepowers ranging from 110-173. Starting in 2019, all diesel engines must be Tier 4.

Tier 4 Diesel

Volvo and Cummins Tier 4 diesel engines. These engines are ten times cleaner than Tier 3, have 3% less operating costs due to higher fuel efficiency than the Tier 3 diesels, and are noticeably quieter than their Tier 3 counterparts.


LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) engine. This engine has cleaner emissions than a diesel engine.

Block Heater

Block heater that attaches to the engine and keeps the engine fluids from thickening in cold environments, thus making it much easier to start the engine after sitting overnight. This is for marinas who operate during the winter in cold climates and leave the truck parked outside or in an unheated shelter overnight.

Hill Climbing

Extreme gear reduction in drive axles to provide maximum hill climbing ability. A standard Marina Bull will handle grades of up to 10% with no extra considerations.


Wiggins uses a Kessler drive axle for its W3.2 models and below, and higher capacity AxleTech axles for its models W3.5 and above. Wiggins also offers John Deere drive axles if preferred.



If you plan to drive your Marina Bull on public road, Wiggins offers a brake light & turn
signal package.

Backup Sensors

Volvo and Cummins Tier 4 diesel engines. These engines are ten times cleaner than Tier 3, have 3% less operating costs due to higher fuel efficiency than the Tier 3 diesels, and are noticeably quieter than their Tier 3 counterparts. 


7 Function Remote

Wiggins’ wireless 7-function remote control allows: negative lift
and lower, left fork swing, right fork swing (independent fork
positioning), engine kill.


Wiggins’ LoPro clamshell
design allows for easy
access to the power train.


Wireless 7-function remote
attaches magnetically
to overhead guard.



AutoLube is a grease reservoir and series of lubrication lines that automatically grease the steer axle, mast bearings, and hinge pins, instead of the operator having to manually lubricate each grease point. The only thing the owner/operator must do is fill up the grease reservoir about once a year!

Super Filtration

Super Filtration is a series of filters that further filters all fluids and oils in the truck. This feature can double the life of your engine, transmission, and hydraulic pump, as well as greatly reduce the frequency of hydraulic fluid changes.


Wired Forward Camera: 1 or 2

In addition to a standard backup camera, Wiggins offers up to two forward cameras that can be mounted on the front end of the forklift to give increased visibility when driving or racking a boat. Cameras can be placed on the front fenders to offer increased visibility while driving with a boat on the forks, or can be placed on the carriage to increase visibility up high when putting a boat into a rack. All Wiggins forward cameras feature a sturdy magnetic mount that makes positioning easy, yet provides strong and reliable mounting.


Pneumatic Black

Pneumatic tires are air-filled. These are the lowest cost option and require an air compressor that can keep the tires filled to 145 PSI. Best used on smooth surfaces with no danger of puncture. Popular for asphalt and packed gravel surfaces that require lower contact pressure
than concrete.

Solid Black

Solid black tires do not need to be filled with air, and will not puncture.

Solid Non-Mark

Solid non-mark tires are the same as solid black, but are white or gray and will not leave marks on surfaces. Non-mark tires will also not produce black tire dusts that gets the hulls of
boats dirty.


Lug tires have tread, and are typically used on the drive (front) axle to provide optimum traction.


Smooth tires have no tread, and are typically used on the steer (rear)
axle to provide the smoothest turn with least amount of resistance or
damage to surfaces (not all options available in all sizes).


Wiggins offers pneumatic
black, solid black, and solid
non-marking tires (pictured).


Optional forward cameras
increased visibility during
the racking process.



Our hydraulically actuated swing fork positioners are the standard on our marina trucks, where the forks swing in and out.


Our side-shifting fork positioner carriage is optional, where the forks shift horizontally from side to side instead of swinging. This option is more popular when handling pontoon boats.

Galvanized Forks

Galvanized forks significantly reduce the amount of damage to the forks from the exposure to saltwater.

Fork Length

Wiggins offers fork lengths of between 16’ and 28’, with fork length typically being determined by the capacity of the forklift and length of boats being handled.

Fork Cover Style

Several styles of fork covers are offered. Our standard fork cover is sections of extruded rubber. We also offer a one-piece rubber hose covering that is more robust, durable, and offers better protection for boats.

Fork Profile

Fork profiles include: round or square/rectangle, depending on the model. Square forks are for lower capacity models and rectangular for larger capacity models. Wiggins offers round forks up to our W2.7 model; round forks are better for handling pontoon boats and smaller boats.

Fork Shanks

Increased fork shank length allows the fork to enter the water without the carriage getting wet. Thus, the carriage is saved from the extra corrosion that comes with being fully submerged.

Heel Wings

Heel wings are a feature that can be added to swing forks that allow the forks to swing wider while still being supported by the carriage. If you would like to lift wider-hull boats safely, heel wings are recommended.


Paint Color

Customers may select either the classic Marina Bull blue and white or custom paint colors to reflect the brand of the marina.


Wiggins can apply decals of the marina’s logo to the truck.


Wiggins can customize the wrap on the rear tub to offer even more customization.


Wiggins new fire hose fork cover is more durable and molds better to the hulls of boats


This ‘hybrid’ position manages to keep the price down while providing clear views and access from both sides of the truck.


Our team has taken pride in every lift since 1955.

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