Wiggins at the 2014 Sydney Int’l Boat Show

Wiggins at the 2014 Sydney Int’l Boat Show

The Sydney International Boat Show was held from July 31 to August 4 at Glebe Island and Darling Harbor in Sydney, Australia. Attendees were treated to a premiere view of a Wiggins Marina Bull, which sat just outside the front door of the exhibit hall. The Marina Bull, with a 37-foot Sunrunner motor boat held aloft, was displayed courtesy of Sydney Harbor Boat Storage, a premier boat storage, service, maintenance and fuel facility.

Thank you to Brett McMullen of Sydney Harbor Boat Storage for the pictures.

For more information on the Wiggins Marina Bull, contact us via email or phone at +1 805-485-7812. Like us on Facebook, where you can also view upcoming boat shows and other industry events.

Below: A Wiggins Marina Bull at the 2014 Sydney International Boat show lifts a 37-ft Sunrunner on the forks of a Wiggins Marina Bull.

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