An industry first: the Wiggins Yard eBull

An industry first: the Wiggins Yard eBull

Wiggins Lift Co. has introduced the first commercially available zero emission large capacity forklift. Fully electronic and manufactured in the US, it has capacities ranging from 30,000 to 70,000 lbs.

This lift will enable you to stay ahead of the approaching regulations that will eliminate diesel engines in all off-highway equipment. With a 10-year equipment replacement cycle, for example, the time to start electrification at your facility is now. (Tier IV engines are only a temporary step on the way to Zero Emissions.)

All power comes from unique high voltage Lithium Ion battery packs, designed and built by Thor Trucks. Safe High Voltage 720 VDC keeps power delivery strong and efficient while helping to keep weight and costs down. High Torque, direct drive, AC electric motor feeds power to our proven drive axles for high pulling power and gradability. Zero Emissions for clean operations inside buildings and ships, without fumes, soot, or noise.

Maintenance is minimal and cost-saving. Change the air filters on the battery cooling system once a year. Optional Automatic Greasing is available for mast and steer axle. Hydraulic axle brakes can last the life of the machine. On-Board Diagnostics assist with maintenance and repairs. No engine oil or filter changes, no DEF, no diesel fuel spills, no transmission oil or filter changes. Electricity has higher energy efficiency than diesel and costs less per shift to operate.

Wiggins is always about safety. Unique battery technology eliminates potential for cascade failures. Other features are reverse backup camera, daylight strobes when moving, optional rear facing radar with audible and visual warnings, and optional noise makers include conventional backup alarm and modern White Noise Generator to alert nearby pedestrians.

Designed and built for long life and strong like a bull. Many Wiggins forklifts delivered in the last 60 years are still working for their owners or are commanding high resale value. We know, because we provide parts and repair support for units that started service decades ago. Join our customer family with confidence of a fair and comprehensive warranty coupled with on-going support.