Wiggins Lift is more than just a manufacturer. We are company of people who enjoy working together, innovating products, and working with our customers and friends. We think that making forklifts is more than just designing and building them: it is having integrity, working hard, taking pride in what we do, honesty, and a desire to make a difference.


We may not be able to bring peace to nations, or cure diseases, but we believe in trying, in our own part of lift, to make the world a better place each day—even if it is for just one person. So we try to do that each day with each other and through our interactions with customers, vendors, and anyone else we meet.
During this season, we turn our thoughts especially to family and friends. Here at Wiggins Lift, we value our team and their families. Every year before Thanksgiving and Christmas, we stop work and hold a BBQ for our whole team. We thank each other, we recognize all the hard work, and we eat a lot of good food! (Our skilled guys build great BBQ equipment, and they also cook up some mean grilled chicken, tri-tip, refried beans, potatoes—you name it! This year they went all out and added breakfast too!)


From all of us at Wiggins Lift Company, to all of our customers, dealers, vendors, friends, and acquaintances—and your families—we are thankful for you. We hope your Thanksgiving was as good as ours, and we wish you a blessed and joyful holiday season!