Tier IV engines are only a temporary step on the way to Zero Emissions. Forthcoming regulations will ban diesel engines in all off-highway equipment. The Wiggins Agricultural eBull is a groundbreaking solution. With a 10 year equipment replacement cycle, for example, the time to start electrification at your facility is now.

Utilizing the latest battery technology, the Wiggins eBull derives all its energy from high voltage Lithium Ion battery packs, designed and built by Thor Trucks. Safe High Voltage 720 VDC keeps power delivery strong and efficient while helping to keep weight and costs down. High Torque, direct drive, AC electric motor feeds power to our proven drive axles for high pulling power and gradability. Zero Emissions for clean operations inside buildings and ships, without fumes, soot, or noise.

Wiring, circuit protections, connectors, and overall design protect the batteries and all electrical components from damage. Certifications of compliance with UL-583 and ITSDF B56.1 safety standards are expected early 2019. Batteries are protected by steel enclosures, high capacity cooling systems for each pack, vibration and shock isolation mounting. The Battery Management System balances charging and discharging rates, controls temperatures throughout the battery packs, prolongs battery lifetime. The Vehicle Control Unit controls power and temperatures in the liquid cooled electric motors and inverters. Radiator Protection includes expanded metal screen.

The Produce Handler can unload a truck in a single pick. Handling up to fourteen pallets at once, it saves time, getting produce into the cooler faster. This truck was designed from the ground up for high load and long load center applications. Fully electric, it also features fork positioning and slope piling.

No engine oil or filter changes, no DEF, no diesel fuel spills, no transmission oil or filter changes. Electricity has higher energy efficiency than diesel and costs less per shift to operate. Check with your utility for further cost reductions through programmed Time-Of-Use charging.

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