Did you know that Wiggins Lift does not only manufacture forklifts?  We also offer facelifts—that is, facelifts for lifts. 

We have been making and shipping forklifts for over 65 years, and they last longer than our competitor’s models (some have been in the field for well over 30 years). But sometimes their owners want a re-condition, renovation, or upgrade. We are always happy to re-unite with one of our children and make her like new! (We also do the same for non-Wiggins lifts, which makes them even better than new.)

Recently, we had the pleasure of doing just that for utility lift. Back when Denver beat Green Bay in the Super Bowl and the Yankees defeated Padres in the World Series; when Frank Sinatra died and a President was impeached, and when Titanic was the top movie, Haas Automation purchased a utility lift from us. After eighteen years of hard work, Haas sent the old girl to us for a re-condition:

All the wear and tear revealed her toughness and character. She didn’t need major surgery, just some minor maintenance and makeup. Our great team got to work, and a month later drove her out into the California day, ready to dazzle once again:


Thank you to the people at Haas for the opportunity to revisit our work of eighteen years ago! Our team enjoyed seeing the good work they did back then, and commenting about how our product and technology has progressed even more since then.

As always, we are happy to serve our customers and meet new ones. We love what we do!