Working Together to Fight Corrosion

Salt water and seaside air and the sun are relentless in their attack against the longevity of your buildings and machines.  Wiggins and our customers must work together to maintain and preserve the coatings that help protect the high quality steel used in the Wiggins Marina Bull.

The Wiggins Part

Marina ManufacturingProvide a high zinc primer coating topped with high quality two-part urethane epoxy coatings.  This sophisticated coating system takes days to apply and cure and becomes a strong barrier to the attack.  Wiggins uses a fiberglass console with stainless fasteners.  Wiggins provides touch up paint to all customers.

The Customer Part

Keep a close eye on every surface, edge, fitting and bracket through a daily visual inspection.  Immediately counterattack against any spots of rust.  Remove the rust with a wire brush, apply the touch up paint on the spot.  If this inspection is performed daily, the spots are small and the restoration of the protective barrier is quick.  Spots that are allowed to linger only become larger and more difficult to correct.