Wiggins Yard Bulls work harder and live longer

Wiggins machines are known for their longevity and durability. To us, “longevity” means fifteen or twenty years, not the four to eight of other manufacturers. There are Wiggins lifts still working in the field after 30 years!

We achieve this standard by starting with quality raw materials and the best components. In the most crucial areas of performance and safety, we overbuild. Our carriages, forks, masts, and axles are the most rugged in the industry. The use of anti-corrosion materials adds to the durability. Our IQAN™ System hydraulic pressures test panel allows monitoring of truck performance and status, allowing the operators and mechanics to stay informed in real time.

We don’t stop there. Our auto-lube system minimizes downtime by automatically lubricating key components—mast and carriage bearings, tilt cylinder, mast pins, and steer axles to ensure smooth operation and to save money. The optional oil purification system reduces costly and time-consuming oil changes. With proper maintenance, the Yard Bull LoPR0 with optional Super Filtration can operate as long as one year without having to change the lubricating oils. This feature alone has proven to extend component life by thousands of hours.

An investment in a Wiggins Yard Bull is an investment for the long haul.


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