Here’s what happens when a new Marina Bull arrives…

Have you ever wondered what happens once a new Wiggins Marina Bull arrives at a marina? Our good friends at The Drystack at Trafalgar Wharf in the UK have created a great time-lapse video (complete with a soundtrack!).

After we finish constructing any Wiggins lift, it is put through a series of tests. We then remove the forks, carriage, mast, and operator guards for delivery on a flatbed truck (or two, depending on the size of the lift). For shipments outside the American/Canadian Continent (like the UK) the lift is loaded onto a ship (and then trucked).

Once the lift arrived at Trafalgar, our master mechanic, Art, traveled there from our facility. The lift is re-assembled on site and all systems are reconnected and tested.

Watch the video below to see the process from arrival to completion. (Thanks, Tom Harding and Trafalgar, for documenting it!)

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