Wiggins Parts Dept—at your service!

Wiggins Parts Dept—at your service!

Wiggins Parts Department—ready to serve you!

Our factory-trained and experienced parts personnel serve our customers with the highest level of support.  The staff in the Wiggins Parts Department has over thirty years of Wiggins knowledge and the ability to help any customer. Whether it is a part needed for a Wiggins machine from twenty years ago or a spare part for a brand new machine, Wiggins Lift has inventory warehouses on both the east and west coasts to make sure the part is in stock and close by when you need it.

Our Parts Department is open Monday through Friday, except for holidays, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (-8 GMT).

Call us at +1 (805) 485-7821 or email Dave. Be sure to join our newsletter for occasional deals on parts!

With the addition of Taylor SSI Sudden Service as a Wiggins Authorized and Trained Service and Parts Dealer, the service and parts you need are more readily available than ever before. From oil filters to a complete axle assembly, Wiggins has you covered with genuine, quality OEM Wiggins parts.

Wiggins Marina LoPro—High Capacity with Confidence and Strength

Wiggins Marina LoPro—High Capacity with Confidence and Strength

Wiggins Marina LoPro—High Capacity with Confidence and Strength

The Marina Bull LOPRO™ can save you money with reduced operating costs. Innovative features keep your marina running smoothly and efficiently. For example:

Lifting capacity and stability are the two most important characteristics of a marina truck. Wiggins specializes in long load center forklifts. Our units can safely and reliably lift longer and heavier boats than our competition because we design our lifting systems to handle the forces, stresses, and leverage needed for boats with long load centers.  The counterweight and chassis designs have higher stability factors and stronger masts and forks.  A Wiggins weighs more because it does more, safely, year after year.

Our Marina Bull LoPRO has the lowest center of gravity and the heaviest counterweights in the industry, ensuring that you can lift the rated boats at each rack height with the highest confidence.  Wiggins Marina Bull means capacity, strength, safety, and durability.

That’s just two of the many reasons why Wiggins is the world leader in the dry storage boat handling equipment industry. From the W1.0 model (8,000 lbs @ 120″ load center) to the W10.6 model (44,000 lbs @ 240″ load center), Wiggins can custom design what you need for your marina.We design and manufacture each truck to meet the customer’s unique environment and needs. Our goal is to make you better at what you do. This approach makes each Yard Bull particularly suited to the job it will perform, which means better performance and durability.

Wiggins builds machines to order, meaning you get what you need for your application, not some generalized lift that may or may not meet your needs.

Beat Rising ObamaCare Costs—Lock in a 2016 Price

Beat Rising ObamaCare Costs—Lock in a 2016 Price

Lock in a 2016 Price and Beat the Rising ObamaCare Costs

A little incentive to ease the pain of rising costs!

Part of running a business means controlling costs. While cost-savings decisions are often available, sometimes the costs are out of our control.

Like many of you, our insurance premiums have increased for the second year in a row as a result of the Affordable Car Act. Once again, they have doubled, resulting in a 400% increase in just 24 months! While there may be relief in the future, it will take some time.

Wiggins refuses to compromise the safety, quality, and longevity of our products (which is unequaled in the industry). Because of these significant increases, it appears we will have to raise our prices in 2017.

However, we have some good news. If you are planning on purchasing a lift in 2017, place your order and deposit before December 31, 2016. You tell us when you want your lift delivered any time in 2017, but you’ll get it for the 2016 price!

Place your order now!

“Innovative Business of the Year” Award for Wiggins Lift Company, Inc.

“Innovative Business of the Year” Award for Wiggins Lift Company, Inc.

The Oxnard Chamber of Commerce presented Wiggins Lift Co., Inc. with the “Innovative Business of the Year” award at its 65th Community & Business Awards Luncheon on Friday, June 26, 2015 at 11:30 at the Courtyard by Marriott Oxnard.

CEO Michele Wiggins-McDowell was present to accept the award for the company, and spoke briefly:

“On behalf of all the employees of Wiggins Lift Company,  thank you to the Chamber of Commerce for this award. I am especially honored to accept this award for innovation, because that’s where the roots of our company lie. In the 1950s, my grandfather, Mel Wiggins, worked on agricultural equipment in Oxnard. He was frustrated that the engines were not easily accessible in the fields. He believed he could build a better machine, and Wiggins Lift Company was born.Under his leadership, and then of his son—my father—Mike Wiggins, the company continued to provide unique and innovative solutions in areas of agriculture, construction, stevedoring, military, mining, and the marine dry stack industry. Customers come to us with problems, and our engineers and fabricators design solutions. Our products are unique, customized, and reliable.”


“As today’s third-generation leader of Wiggins Lift, I am proud to say that the tradition continues as we ship products all over the world. Wiggins lifts are found working on the decks of Navy ships in rough seas, deep inside dark mining tunnels, handling nuclear waste in Canada, and transporting boats in marinas on lakes and oceans everywhere. Last year we shipped the world’s largest Marina lift to Florida; this month we sent our most innovative product ever to Australia—the Marina Flex.”


“Oxnard has been home to our business and our family for over 60 years and four generations. It has been home for our extended family—our employees. To receive an award for innovation celebrates our work. To receive it from the Oxnard Chamber of Commerce celebrates our home.”


“From all of the employees of Wiggins Lift Company, past and present…thank you.”



New Wiggins Marina Bull at Power Boats, Trinidad

In late August 2014, a new Wiggins Marina Bull was delivered to Power Boats Ltd, located at Chaguaramas Bay in Trinidad. Power Boats is home of the first yachting boatyard in Trinidad, and offer a variety of services to the local boating community and visiting yacht, with numerous amenities available.  With hauls of about 500 boats each year, the Wiggins Marina Bull performs with ease. The family-oriented business was thrilled as a Wiggins representative mechanic was on site to set up the machine and train the operators.

For more about Wiggins Marina Lifts, click here.

Left: Art and Shack setting up the Marina Bull mast for Power Boat in Trinidad
Middle: Art, Andrew, Don, and Shack in front of the newly set-up Marina Bull
Right: The Marina Bull lifts the first boat at Power Boat Marina!


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