All Wiggins Marina Bull LoPro Operator Consoles are constructed from corrosion resistant fiberglass with slip-resistant flooring.


Air Ride Seats

Air Ride seat with occupancy sensor, seat belt, adjustable arms. Seat upgrades available, such as seat heater, headrest, seat cover

Tilt Steering

Tilt steering wheel with horn and column shifter.

Gauge & Safety Display

IQAN MD4 gauge display with integrated backup camera and light controls, mounted on an adjustable swivel arm to accommodate all operators. Wiggins Patented StabiLift System informs the operator of boat weight and capacity and prevents accidental overload.

Hydraulic Pilot Control Levers

Conveniently placed function controls that use hydraulic pilot control levers to ensure continued operation even without IQAN functionality. Wiggins does not use electric or electronic function controls that can have lower reliability in salt air/water environment.

Standard Functions

Two-axis joystick allows both mast tilt and carriage lift/lower using one control, the two most commonly used functions. The next 4 standard functions are negative lift/lower – left fork position – right fork position – coordinated fork side shift.

Foot Pedals

Three pedals: Right foot pedals for throttle and brake, as in cars and trucks. A third pedal for the left foot gives hydraulic de-clutch, allowing for inching, or creeping, while at the rack, and allowing for high throttle boat raising without having to shift out of gear.


Fast and easy access to the engine compartment ensures quick service for a minimum downtime.


Side mirrors, backup cameras and low profile counterweights ensure the safety of property and people.


» Cup holder (all consoles) and mug holder (Wide View and Clear View consoles)
» USB Charge Port, 12v accessory power socket
» Side mirrors and Backup Camera
» LED Light Bars provide daylight inside the rack building
» Convenient handrails and grab handles
» Weather Resistant box for printed copy of Operator Safety Manual


» Brake pedal has a stainless hinge pin
» Tilt up console on wide models allow easy
access to engine compartment.
» Display provides diagnostic codes, messages, and
warnings, along with conventional gauges showing temperatures, pressures, RPM, and engine hours.


» Rustproof, corrosion resistant fiberglass, ergonomic console, slip-resistant flooring
» Repairs can be done by local boat fiberglass repair
» Air ride seat with occupancy sensor, seat belt & adjustable
arms. Optional: headrest, seat cover, & seat heater
» Cup holder
» USB charge port
» 12v charge port
» MD4 iqan with swivel mount
» Iqan display for gauges, diagnostics, stable lift, boat
weight, operator manual, back up camera
» Tilt steering column
» SST pin on brake pedal
» Throttle, brake, Inching pedal for precise controls
» Horn
» Parking brake
» Emergency stop
» Accessible from both sides
» Optional iPad mount
» Strobe light
» LED light bar forward and reverse on Overhead Guard


With an accupancy sensor and adjustable arms, safety and comfort are top priorities.


A third peddle for the left foot gives the operator the ability to ‘inch’ or ‘creep, increasing safety and confidence at
the rack.


Our team has taken pride in every lift since 1955.

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