Wiggins has more safety features
than anyone else in the industry.


StabiLift System

Wiggins’ patented StabiLift System measures the leverage of every boat that the Marina Bull lifts. The system displays for the operator the weight of the boat and provides feedback based on a green/yellow/red gauge. If in the green, the boat is well under the capacity of the forklift. If in the yellow, the operator is trained to stay in first gear and keep the boat low to the ground. If in the red, the system will prevent the boat from being lifted. This system prevents the operator from lifting a boat that is beyond the capacity of the Marina Bull and is based on testing and calibration performed at the factory. If you ever have a question about whether your Marina Bull will lift a particular boat, give it a try, and the truck will tell you whether or not
it can be lifted!

Safe Carry Height

When driving through a door or under overhead obstacles, the operator must be aware of the height of the mast. For decades, Wiggins has provided a stripe of reflective DOT tape on the stationary and movable parts of the mast so that when lined up, the mast is at its lowest height. In addition, when coming up from the water, the Wiggins mast pauses for a few seconds at the safe carry height so the operator knows when to move his hand from the negative lift function lever to the carriage lift lever so the boat can be raised a few feet without increasing the mast lift height. These features significantly reduce the possibility of the forklift mast hitting a door and causing damage to the building.

High Stability Factors

Wiggins designs the Marina Bull with the most counterweight in the industry, providing more stability and better traction for the steer tires when carrying high capacity loads. Also, Wiggins increases stability factors as the lift height increases, critical to maintaining control while racking boats on high racks. The taller the lift height on a Marina Bull, the heavier the counterweight must be to compensate for the dynamics that occur during high lifts. Wiggins Marina Bull top rack capacity ratings have proven to be the highest in the industry for any model, due to the higher stability fact

StabiLock Steer Axle System

Two decades ago Wiggins developed a method to widen the forklift stability triangle into a stability rectangle, while still allowing steer axle articulation. A tall Marina Bull mast raises the center of gravity such that if the drive wheels pass over uneven ground, such as a drainage grate, and the mast tilts to one side, a properly designed passive hydraulic system attached to the steer axle inhibits the forklift motion and helps to bring the mast back to center safely. Also, the hydraulics can be locked so that the wheels at all four corners of the machine can be firmly in contact with the ground, working to significantly reduce the possibility of side tip. Although others have attempted to copy this system, the Wiggins system is the only one specifically designed to handle the mast tilting at high lift heights.

Locking Counterbalance Vaules

On all cylinders that affect the ability to carry a load safely, Wiggins uses locking valves. The lift cylinders, tilt cylinders, and fork swing cylinders are all protected by these valves that prevent unplanned movement in the event of a hydraulic hose failure. In addition, these valves provide better slow movement control since hydraulic pressure is required to open them. Thirdly, when the forks are left up over time, they do not drift downward when the machine is left unattended and shut off. These valves also provide a safe and simple procedure for slowly lowering the forks down in case of loss of power. The carriage will never come crashing down in the event of a hose failure, unlike other manufacturers.


Reflector tape shows when
inner and outer sections are
lined up with the mast in the
safe carry position.


Wiggins’ patented StabiLift system weighs every boat and prevents accidental overload..


Backup Camera

When the operator shifts the directional control into reverse, the backup camera image appears on the display.

Backup Alarm

All Wiggins Marina Bulls have an audible alarm that sounds when the operator is engaged in the reverse direction. Optional visual notifications such as flashing strobe lights positioned on the counterweights provide awareness that the truck is moving in reverse.

Wheel Nut Indicators

Proper wheel nut torque is critical to safe operation throughout the duty cycle of the truck. High contrast color indicators are installed on all Marina Bulls wheel nuts so an observer can see at a glance that the wheel nuts are tight because they have not moved. A wheel nut indicator that is not angled in concert with the adjacent wheel nuts alerts the mechanic or operator that wheel nuts need to be checked for proper torque.


As required by international standards, there is an operator activated horn button.

Comply With ANSI/ITSDF B56. 1-2016

Wiggins products comply with all applicable sections of this standard. Where specifications are not directly applicable to marina forklifts, Wiggins maintains the intent of the section.

Additional Standard

» High Stability Factor
» Forks/Carriage explicitly designed for long load center boats
» Rear View Mirrors
» Rear Counterweight mirror
» Skid resistant-safety walk on all walkable surfaces
» Spring applied, hydraulic release parking brake
» Integrated handrails
» UL listed battery disconnect
» Emergency stop button
» Occupancy sensor switch
» Seatbelt


Indicators on the wheel nuts
quickly show when any nut has
lost torque.


Locking hydraulic cylinders on the steer axle increases stability and prevents mast tilting at high lift heights.


Our team has taken pride in every lift since 1955.

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