Wiggins Marina Bull Offers 3 Operator Positions. Have your Marina Bull the way your operators are used to, or the way that fits your operation best.


A majority of Marina Forklifts in operation have the operator sitting to the left and forward in a position called a Side Mount. This position provides excellent visibility when at the seawall: the operator can stand up and look directly down at the boat in the water. Combined with the narrow mast, this position is the lowest cost and puts the lightest weight on the drive axle and tires. In the early days of the drystack industry, this configuration was common and effective, and the first Marina Bulls were all side mount. The operator can see directly over the steering wheel and the left side of the boat. Some operators then raise the boat a few feet for driving to have excellent visibility also to the right side by looking under the raised boat. By watching the location of the left fork, operators can confidently place boats in the racks without having to
see the right fork. This is also the best style for setting the boats on bottom racks and ground stands because the operator has a full view of the left fork. In today’s Marina Bull, an optional right fender camera provides additional views of the right side, allowing the heaviest boats to be carried safely low to the ground.

The Side Mount operator position is offered with either a 2 Stage Negative Lift Marina Mast or a shorter 3 Stage Negative Lift Marina Mast. The telescoping lift cylinders on the 2 Stage Mast are set on the mast centerline, one behind the other and the narrow mast structure makes this the lightest and lowest price of the mast styles.

The Side Mount is accessed by a ladder on the left side. The console placement allows full access to the engine compartment as in all Wiggins LoPro designs.


» Designed initially for negative applications.
» Original Marina Bull design
» Operator can look directly down the seawall while driving.
The operator has full visibility straight ahead.
» Operator has very limited visibility to the right thru the mast.
» Best visibility for placing boats on the bottom rack and boat stands
» Narrower operator console
» Mast is narrower and much lighter
» Least expensive
» Accessed from ladder-style steps
» Two lift cylinders in the center of the mast
» Rear lift cylinder is telescoping 2-stage cylinder
» Throttle, brake, Inching pedal for precise controls


Sitting to the left of the mast the operator can look directly dow the seawall from a sitting position.


Because of the forward position, the side mount provides clear views throughout the racking process.


Wiggins offers a center operator position, derived from conventional non-marine applications. The Wiggins Center Mount Operator allows the operator to stand and lean forward at the seawall and ground rack to better see the boat and forks. Also, the operator seating position is as far forward as practical to accomplish this, although visibility down the seawall is better with the Side Mount described above. The controls are placed so that the operator can access the seat from either the left or right side of the truck. The entire console raises up on a front hinge to allow LoPro access to the engine compartment and filters. The more spacious operator space allows for the addition of a mug holder molded into the fiberglass console.

In this operator position, the Wide View Mast is used, consisting of 4 lift cylinders with their chains and hoses. While this provides a wide view through the mast toward the front directly in front of the operator, this mast is also heavier and more costly than the masts with only two cylinders on the center line. For some lift heights, this additional weight requires a larger drive axle and tires. This style of mast is also taller than the Narrow Mast described above.

The unobstructed view forward allows the clearest visibility while putting boats away on the upper racks. For less experienced operators, it is slightly easier to line up the center of the Wiggins Marina Bull with the center of the rack bunks. In the higher capacity models, higher lift heights are common, so the Wide View Mast with Center Mount Operator is standard for all Wiggins Marina Bull models above W4.3M.


» True center mount with operator sitting in the center of the vehicle
» Four lift cylinders in the outside of the mast
» Single stage cylinders allow for higher lift capacity at higher lift heights
» Mast is heaviest and most expensive
» Visibility forward is unobstructed. The view is underneath the boat
» Anything above W4.3 must be Wide View due to increased capacity
» Operator sits 40” behind the drive tires
» Sometimes require larger drive axle and tires because of mast weight


The center operator position
allows the operator to access
the seat from either the left
or right side of the truck.


The Wide View mast allows
the operator an unobstructed center-line view.


The most popular operator position today is what Wiggins calls the Offset Operator, or Clear View. This position is 16 inches left of center, giving the operator a view between the center lift cylinders and the outer mast rail. This allows a Clear View Mast to have the same lowered height as the Narrow Mast, and not as much additional weight as the Wide View Mast, keeping the price nearly as low as the Narrow Mast. This “hybrid” position and mast style helps explain its present popularity and is exclusive to the Wiggins Marina Bull. The Clear View mast gives operators the best view of both forks, as the view is unobstructed by the boat (as with the Side Mount) or the side lift cylinders (as with the Wide View). This operator position gives the best of both worlds.

The operator accesses his seat using the same set of LoPro steps as with the center operator and has the same mug holder provided. The same high operator protection structure allows the operator to stand while at the seawall. The Offset Operator Console also tilts up to allow easy access to the engine compartment and filters.


» Operator sits 16” left of center
» Same two lift cylinders as the narrow in the center of the mast
» Operator has visibility between the lift cylinder and outer mast rail
» Same seating depth as Wide View which requires
standing and leaning to see boat when in the negative
» Best view of the forks
» Exclusive to Wiggins
» While driving, the view is under the boat in the carry position
» Slightly heavier and more expensive than Side Mount


The Clear View mast gives the operator the best view of the forks during travel and racking.


This ‘hybrid’ position manages to keep the price down while providing clear views and access from both sides of the truck.


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